Monday night. Part 6.

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Me on War Rocket Ajax!  Go have a listen!


comiXology Unbound's #ComicsForYourKids

Sick of reading stories to your kids stories of princesses waiting in towers for a valiant knight to come rescue them? Check out Princeless! Follow the adventures of Princess Adrienne, a princess who’s tired of waiting to be rescued. And make sure to follow princelesscomic on Tumblr!

#ComicsForYourKids: Every Thursday Evening comiXology Unbound suggests a great comics to read with your kid!


So here’s an embarrassing video of me talking about myself and Illegal. It’s embarrassing because I am in it.

No, but seriously, if you are unfamiliar with me or my work, I go over who I am and what I’ve done. I also talk about Illegal, it’s stretch goals, and our plans with it. Also there is a lot of thank yous.

For this Kickstarter:

Newest update on the Kickstarter!  New tiers including one with even more Princeless,  Also, add-on rewards for those who want multiple copies of Illegal #1 or trades of Princeless and Vacant or dogtags and posters!

Also, new stretch goals for every additional $1,000 we raise!


ICYMI: Here’s me on the internet radio talking about Illegal, Princeless, misrepresentation and under representation in the media, and diversity in comics and other media - a thing which, if you didn’t know, I maintain is important.




Wilderness Peggy Carter Part 2

So here it is the glory that is my Fan Expo Canada 2014 Cosplay! I finished it just before heading on vacation to my cabin so naturally I had to do the costume tests in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. This part is the photo set with bad ass lighting and a very sneaky Agent Carter. Big thanks to the lovely voldemrtsnipple for taking these gorgeous photos!

The sneakiest of agents

You know it!


Just a quick column catching up with one of our faves Jeremy Whitley princelesscomic and the newest project he’s working on. Together with artist Heather Nunnlley imaginetheending, they have created an unique new comic focused on one Gianna Delrey, a young undocumented worker living in an America city in the not too distant future. It’s a place where she lives as a second class citizen—something akin to a crime. Illegal looks to be a sci-fi treat with a very important theme behind it.

Feel free to read the write up in its entirety and be sure to take a look at their new kickstarter campaign—they’ve made a great start but still need pledges! Let’s help make this awesome comic a reality!


5 Page “Illegal #1” Preview!  Check out the opening to our story.  If you like what you see please support imaginetheending and I on our Kickstarter.  We’re getting close to our initial goal, but we need your help to get there!

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