Two facts:

Sadly, a $300 backer had to back out and now we’re back down under $8,000.

Gladly, that means there was nobody left on the cameo tier and that I have now reduced the required contribution to be in the pages of Illegal from $300 to $250.  Now with a contribution of $250 you can be a part of the book.

Spread the word!

In case you forgot, this came out today from me and amymebberson !

Enjoy your My Little Pony minus the ponies as the pets take over for an issue!  Join our hero, Angel Bunny as he leads the team to save the ponies from a new threat!

Also, if you’ve read it, feel free to tell me what you think!

Jump in now and even just for $10 you can get the digital copies of issues 1 and 2 and both of these Illegal Wallpapers!  Don’t you want your Desktop to look awesome?

Back the Illegal Kickstarter

It’s August 28th and you now have less than 9 days to chip in and be part of getting Illegal made!  We’ve met our initial funding goal, so you’re definitely getting any prizes you sign up for!

And now for each $1,000 stretch goal we hit you get another digital comic with it!  Won’t you chip in?

If you have not yet supported Illegal and you want to see diverse science fiction stories with a protagonist who is an undocumented immigrant, this is yoru time to show you support!

Interested in reading a sci-fi comic where the heroine is an undocumented Mexican immigrant living in an America where all citizens are tracked by a microchip under their skin?  Throw in a $10 donation and you’ll get the first two digital issues!  Throw in $20 and you’ll get the first one in print.  Throw in more and get some really amazing Kickstarter exclusive prizes.

The Kickstarter is half over today, so chip in.  For every stretch goal we meet, every backer over $10 gets more comic!

ICYMI: Here’s me on the internet radio talking about Illegal, Princeless, misrepresentation and under representation in the media, and diversity in comics and other media - a thing which, if you didn’t know, I maintain is important.

Looking for another book with a black female lead?  How about a black female superhero?  Why don’t you help one get made?

There’s another awesome kickstarter going on right now for a series called Ajala about a young girl in New York who decides to become a hero.  And, it just so happens to have won the same “Best Female Character” Glyph award that Princeless did!  So if you want more books like this it’s time to throw down your wallet and make it a reality!

Hey Kickstarter backers!  Now it’s time to play get to know you with Heather Nunnelly aka imaginetheending.

She talks all about Illegal and the Kickstarter effort to raise money for this fantastic comic!  Check out what she has to say and before you know it you’ll be pledging at the Team Heather level!

And that pledging happens here, btw: